Subsea Seven: Demobilization and Mobilization

In December 2018, Subsea 7 vessel, Seven Arctic, arrived back at Theodore Industrial Port. Core industries demobilized several offshore project cargo items from the Hess Stampede project and mobilized cargo items onto the vessel for Shell’s Appomattox project.

The Stampede deepwater oil and gas field is one of the largest undeveloped fields in the Gulf of Mexico. Discovered in 2005, Stampede is located 115 miles south of Fourchon, LA., in the Gulf of Mexico. The Appomattox is Shell’s largest floating platform in the Gulf of Mexico located 80 miles off the coast of Louisiana.

Imery's Minerals: Unloading Perlite

In early December 2018, Imery’s Minerals hired Core Industries to unload a perlite boat and transfer to storage. Cranes dropped the perlite into hoppers and then it was unloaded into trucks. The trucks transported it to an indoor storage facility at Theodore Industrial Port. Core unloaded 8,000 metric tons of perlite.

Kosmos: Unloading Carousels

In November 2018 Kosmos hired Core Industries for their heavy lift capabilities and long term storage facilities. A barge brought 6 carousels to be unloaded and stored in Core Industries long term storage facility. Core used its Liebherr 1300 300 Ton crane to lift the cargo and place dockside. The carousels were then moved to long term storage. Core Industries will make repairs to the carousels before they will be picked up at a later date.