August 2019: Saipem Constellation

Saipem was awarded a contract by ExxonMobil to install pipelines on the Liza project located in Guyana. Saipem planned to use their pipe laying and heavy lift vessel the Constellation for this project and they needed a dockside facility with a deep draft with cranes and space for storage of equipment. Saipem awarded the Constellation mob & de-mob contract to Core Industries, Inc. (Core). Core’s phase 1 scope of work included receiving the Constellation vessel at our dock, facilitating transport of four 832 MT reels using Self Propelled Modular Transport (SPMT) systems from the dock to the storage area, assisting in offloading associated equipment such as the spreader bar, transverse skid, longitudinal skid and the top module with each equipment weighing approximately 150T. Phase 1 also included providing assistance to Saipem to transpool the flexible pipe form a barge stationed alongside onto the Constellation. The scope of work for Phase 2 included facilitating transport of the four reels from the storage area to the dock for loading onto the vessel and loading of all the associated equipment