Shore-Based Services

With direct access to the Gulf of Mexico, our port facility, storage capacity and equipment capabilities are best in class for global clients working in oil and gas services.

Core is a leading service provider for clients in the oil and gas industries offering shore-based services to support offshore operations. Our staff are skilled in providing mobilization and demobilization for special projects, and we are able to store and maintain client equipment onsite. Our heavy-lift capabilities also position us to complete complex equipment installations on offshore vessels for work in the Gulf of Mexico and beyond.

We offer standard and custom storage, equipment handling and deployment services to meet your specific needs. Our leadership team and staff have gained advanced experience in the logistics necessary to support oil and gas customers in executing projects and working offshore.

  • 24 Nautical Miles from the Gulf of Mexico
  • 40-Ft. Water Depth
  • 3,000-Ft. Docking Capacity
  • 175,000-Sq. Ft. Warehouse Capacity
  • On-Berth and Off-Berth Storage Options
  • 660-Ton* Heavy Lift Capacity (*Short Tons)
  • Office Facilities for Client Staff

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