SEVEN ARTIC: Reel Loading

The SEVEN ARTIC recently loaded an 80 ton reel with umbilical to mobilize for the TALOS project in the Gulf Of Mexico.  Core Industries stored the reel and staged it alongside the vessel for loading. Prior to the reel loading, Core personnel demobilized the Chevron Anchor project equipment from the vessel and provided dockside support […]

Loading Woodchips

Core Industries recently loaded 35,153 metric tons of woodchips onto the M/V KAAN AKSOY. Delivered to Core on truck, the woodchips came from Alabama and Mississippi and were shipped to Turkey. Core used its reclaims, conveyors, traveling ship loader with jet Slinger and two Wagner chip dozers to complete the job.

Heavy Lift

Core Industries recently loaded its 330-ton Liebherr crane onto the SEAWAY FALCON for transport across the Theodore Industrial Canal to Aker Solutions to provide crane support to an umbilical loading operation. The vessel SEAWAY FALCON had two carousels on the deck to load four umbilicals for transport to Dubai. The 330-ton crane was needed to […]

Offloading Perlite: M/V EVER BRILLIANT

Core offloaded 3,500 metric tons of Perlite off of the M/V EVER BRILLIANT. Imported from Greece, the product was loaded directly to truck and transported to warehouse for storage and subsequent delivery to a customer in Pensacola, Fla. Core Industries used its grabs, front end loader  and vessel cranes to complete the job.

Flexible Reel Loaded to Barge

Core Industries recently loaded a 90-ton flexible reel to barge for Oceaneering International Inc. The barge delivered the reel to Port Fourchon, La., where it will be loaded to a construction vessel to be installed in the Shell PowerNap Phase 2 project in the Gulf of Mexico. The reel has been stored at Core Industries […]

Loading Woodchips

Core Industries loaded approximately 43,000 MT of woodchips onto the M/V YILDIZLAR 2 earlier this month. Arriving to Core on trucks, the woodchips were shipped to Turkey. Core used its two Wagner Woodchip Carrydozers to feed the woodchips to the reclaim system. From there, conveyors transported the woodchips to the ship loader which utilizes a […]

Shell Mars A-Tension Leg Platform

Earlier this month, Core Fabrication, LLC (Core) successfully executed two projects for Shell Offshore, Inc. for the Mars A-Tension Leg Platform (TLP).  The Top Tensioned Riser (TTR) for slot A-10 on the Mars A TLP was refurbished at Core to extend the life of the TTR string.  Refurbishment and life extension of a TTR string […]

Umbilical Reel Handling

Core Industries recently offloaded PN3 reel, umbilical test piece and 20 crates from the M/V HAPPY RANGER. After the pieces were flushed, tested and lashing stars were installed, the pieces were loaded onto the M/V DEEP BLUE to be installed in the Gulf of Mexico. Core Industries used its heavy lift crane, forklift and personnel […]

Loading Woodchips

The M/V CENTURY ROYAL recently loaded over 8,000 MT of woodchips at Core Industries. Arriving to Core on truck, the woodchips were loaded and transported to Mexico. Core Industries personnel, Woodchip Carrydozers, conveyor system, ship loader and jet slinger were all used to complete the job. Core Industries operates one of the world’s largest bulk […]

Shell Auger Drilling Riser

Using its 300 ton Liebherr crane, Core Industries recently discharged Shell Auger Drilling Riser joints, baskets and running equipment from the M/V BLIZZARD. The Shell Auger components will be cleaned, have buoyancy modules repaired, thrust collar work and other maintenance performed. The Shell Auger Drilling Riser is located 214 miles southwest of New Orleans, La. […]