Loading Woodchips

The M/V CENTURY ROYAL recently loaded over 8,000 MT of woodchips at Core Industries. Arriving to Core on truck, the woodchips were loaded and transported to Mexico. Core Industries personnel, Woodchip Carrydozers, conveyor system, ship loader and jet slinger were all used to complete the job. Core Industries operates one of the world’s largest bulk […]

Shell Auger Drilling Riser

Using its 300 ton Liebherr crane, Core Industries recently discharged Shell Auger Drilling Riser joints, baskets and running equipment from the M/V BLIZZARD. The Shell Auger components will be cleaned, have buoyancy modules repaired, thrust collar work and other maintenance performed. The Shell Auger Drilling Riser is located 214 miles southwest of New Orleans, La. […]

Discharging Coral Calcium

On December 26, 2022, the M/V BAHAMA SPIRIT discharged around 9,000 tons of coral calcium at Core Industries. Once offloaded, the coral calcium rock was loaded to truck and taken to the Core Calcium plant. It was mixed with oyster shells and fed into the plant where it was dried, crushed, screened and bagged. The […]

Loading Woodchips

Core Industries loaded 34,424 MT of woodchips onto the M/V WECO HOLLI in December 2022. Arriving to Core on trucks, the woodchips were shipped to Turkey. Core used its two Wagner Woodchip Carrydozers to feed the woodchips to the reclaim system. From there, conveyors transported the woodchips to the ship loader which utilizes a Jet […]

Shell URSA Drilling Riser

Core Industries recently loaded pipe for the URSA Drilling Riser onto the M/V DEER ISLAND.  In addition to  installing fairings and buoyancy modules on the pipe, Core cleaned and prepped the pipe for load out. The URSA Drilling Riser is located 130 miles southeast of New Orleans, La. Core’s shore-based service experience and proximity to […]

Offloading Pipe: Shell

In November 2022,  the M/V NICKI CANDIES, arrived at Core Industries to offload Top Tension Riser pipe from the Mars Oil and Gas Field Project. Core supplied bolster frames and rigging to Shell for loading and transporting the pipe to the Core dock. Using the 275-ton Terex crane,  the pipe was offloaded and stored where […]

Off-site Handling Solutions

Core Industries loaded its Sennebogen, skid steer, stacker system and hopper to barge for transport to Orange Beach, Ala. Once at the customer’s facility, Core offloaded aggregate material from barges and stockpiles. Aggregate is a base rock used in many markets including landscaping, general contracting, and asphalt production. Core Industries can provide handling solutions both […]

Offloading Woodchips With Truck Dump

In October 2022, Core used its truck dump conveyer system to receive Southern Yellow Pine Hardwood Chips. By lifting the entire truck, the woodchips slide out of the rear doors into a hopper and connect to a conveyor system that will stockpile material on designated storage pads. The woodchips will be shipped to Coatzacoalcos, Mexico. […]

Offloading Aggregate

Core offloaded over 50 barges of aggregate material from barge to storage pad, and then loaded the material from storage pad to truck for transport to regional customers. Aggregate is a base rock that is commonly used in pathway and driveway construction. Core Industries can handle all types of bulk material.

Heavy Lift Flexible Reels

Using its’ 600-ton heavy lift crane, Core loaded the M/V LADY IRENA with eight flexible reels for return to Le Trait, France for repurposing. Core crews provided stevedoring and welding services to prepare the reels for transport.