Container Storage- Core Industries

Core Industries started receiving and staging container crates in late 2021. Since receiving the first container, Core has handled over 5,000 containers. Over 1,500 containers have been shipped out and over 3,500 are still in Core Industries container storage. Core was able to develop 6,000 storage spaces for containers and purchase multiple reach stackers to […]

Mitiq Reels: Chevron

Core offloaded 2 TFMC reels from the vessel Mitiq, using our 660 ton heavy lift crane for Chevron in February 2022. With direct access to the Gulf of Mexico, our port facility, storage capacity and equipment capabilities are best in class for global clients working in oil and gas services.

SS7 Oceanic Heavy Lift

Using our 660-ton crane, Core loaded 4 flexibles and reels to the Seven Oceanic to be installed in the Gulf Of Mexico for the Murphy’s King Quay project. Our Team at Core is willing and ready to help you with all your industrial and shore based needs. Core offers a full suite of services and […]

Copper Slag discharge: January 2022

Core offloaded the Glory Harvest cargo of 50k tons of Copper Slag to be trucked to Mobile Abrasives using vessel cranes and Core’s 11 CBM grabs. Core has handled millions of tons of cooper slag, stone aggregate, sand, iron ore, agricultural and forest products, perlite, coated and uncoated pipe, scrap steel, and other materials from […]

Core Industries Container Storage

In December of 2021, Core started a project to receive and stage container crates. This resulted in a quick expansion and development of additional storage areas for container storage. Core has added almost 6000 storage spaces for containers and purchased multiple reach stackers to handle the inbound and outbound containers.   Core Industries is a […]

DDI Mad Dog Transpool

As part of the Mad Dog 2 campaign, Core supported DDI with heavy lift while they transpooled 4 umbilical reels to their carousel. Core provided heavy lift on each reel to and from the Reel Drive System. As well as walking each UTA to and from the carousel for DDI to re-tension the product onto […]

Woodland HL Oceaneering

Core assisted Oceaneering in mobilizing the vessel, Woodland, with reel drive towers and a Shell flexible heavy lift for installation in the Gulf of Mexico. Core Industries has served as a base of operations for many oil field clients. Our port’s facilities are used to store, mobilize, and demobilize specific project equipment to and from […]

Weeks Marine: Spud Lift

Core Industries assisted Weeks Marine in lifting a 90-ton spud from a dredge as part of their demobilization from the Mobile Bay area.   Core used their heavy lift crane to lift the spud. Core maintains a heavy lift capacity of 660 tons. We work hard to deliver the best mix of skills and equipment […]

August 2021- SS7 Seven Artic 5 Heavy Lift Reels

For the Shell Colibri Project, the Seven Seas transpooled two large umbilicals from a barge mounted carousel, to their below deck carousel at the Core main dock. Core then loaded 5 reels on deck for installation offshore. After the transpooling was finished, Core dismantled the carousel from the barge and stored for Deep Down Inc. […]

Umbilical Transpool- Shell Colibri

Late June 2021, 3 flexible flowline reels were delivered to Core Industries from the BBC Happy Dragon for the Shell Colibri project in Trinidad. In July 2021 2 umbilical reels were delivered to Core via barge. Core assisted in July 2021 demobilizing and mobilized of 307,000 feet of umbilical to trans pool into the SS7 […]