Siemens: Long Term Storing of Power Generation Systems A45 Units

In December 2018 Siemens contracted Core Industries to receive and store 4 Power Generation Systems (PGS). Fracht was the logistic company hired to transport the equipment to Core Industries private port facilities. The PGS arrived in late December 2018. One PGS consists of 3 trailers and associated crates of equipment. There were 12 trailers total for the 4 PGS along with many assorted crates and modular pieces which were brought to the port to be stored. Core industries used various pieces of lifting equipment to receive, move and locate the cargo to long term storage. The equipment will be picked up at a later date by truck or ship, depending on Siemens eventual client location. Core Industries vast storage areas, favorable tax status for interim storage of equipment, proximity to the Gulf of Mexico and expertise in handling large and heavy equipment made this project successful. We look forward to working and storing more equipment for Siemens in the future.

Core Industries Partners with Mammoet USA

Core Industries partners with Mammoet USA Partnership brings heavy transport capabilities to Core’s port, allowing Core to more efficiently serve client’s logistical challenges. Core is pleased to announce its partnership with Mammoet USA, the global market leader in engineered heavy lift and transport services. Under the agreement, Mammoet will stage equipment at Core’s port facilities offering Core’s clients a more cost effective and efficient logistical solution for transportation of client’s equipment.

This partnership seeks to mutually benefit Core and Mammoet’s clients. The solutions made possible through this partnership between Core and Mammoet will bring together world class facilities and equipment as well as the global expertise of both companies in cargo handling, heavy lift capabilities and movement of all things heavy.

Subsea Seven: Demobilization and Mobilization

In December 2018, Subsea 7 vessel, Seven Arctic, arrived back at Theodore Industrial Port. Core industries demobilized several offshore project cargo items from the Hess Stampede project and mobilized cargo items onto the vessel for Shell’s Appomattox project.

The Stampede deepwater oil and gas field is one of the largest undeveloped fields in the Gulf of Mexico. Discovered in 2005, Stampede is located 115 miles south of Fourchon, LA., in the Gulf of Mexico. The Appomattox is Shell’s largest floating platform in the Gulf of Mexico located 80 miles off the coast of Louisiana.

Imery's Minerals: Unloading Perlite

In early December 2018, Imery’s Minerals hired Core Industries to unload a perlite boat and transfer to storage. Cranes dropped the perlite into hoppers and then it was unloaded into trucks. The trucks transported it to an indoor storage facility at Theodore Industrial Port. Core unloaded 8,000 metric tons of perlite.

Kosmos: Unloading Carousels

In November 2018 Kosmos hired Core Industries for their heavy lift capabilities and long term storage facilities. A barge brought 6 carousels to be unloaded and stored in Core Industries long term storage facility. Core used its Liebherr 1300 300 Ton crane to lift the cargo and place dockside. The carousels were then moved to long term storage. Core Industries will make repairs to the carousels before they will be picked up at a later date.

SubSea Seven: Seven Arctic

In October 2018 Subsea 7 vessel, Seven Arctic, came to Core Industries private port facilities in Theodore, AL. While the Seven Artic was at port, Core demobilized several offshore project cargo items from the Murphy Dalmatian Project and then mobilized additional items onto the vessel for the Appomattox Project. These items were oil field related with both the Appomattox Project and the Murphy Dalmatian Project. The Appomattox project is Shell’s largest floating platform in the Gulf of Mexico while the Dalmatian South flow line is the deepest reeled pipe-in-pipe installed by Subsea 7 to date.

Shell Offshore Inc. Loadout: Shell Stones

Shell Offshore Inc’s (Shell), Stones project is the world’s deepest oil and gas project, operating in around 2,900 metres (9,500 feet) of water in an ultra-deep area of the US Gulf of Mexico. The project started production in September 2016 from a floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) facility called the Turritella. The Turritella FPSO connects to subsea infrastructure which produces oil and gas from reservoirs nearly 30,000 feet below sea level.

In April 2018 Shell Offshore Inc offloaded several surface and subsea items components for the Stones FPSO project from a customer supplied vessel and place into storage near the dockside and into CORE facilities indoor storage facilities. In late September 2018, after the onshore scope of work was completed at Core’s dockside, it was time to load out the ALM/PD and the VFD onto barges. Prior to load out, an extensive and thorough review was conducted of all safety aspects including risk assessments, verification of qualification and certification of personnel, equipment readiness including Core’s 660 T crane, spreader bars, slings and shackles. The ALM/PD and the VFD each weighed approximately 300T. After load out to barge, sea fastening was completed, final documents were signed off by the surveyors before sail away.

Successful execution of the Shell Stones project highlighted several critical aspects – upfront project planning and execution, documentation, inventory management, offloading and staging, structural fabrication and welding, FAT/SIT testing, lift test and load out.

Yildiz Entegre: Yellow Pine Woodchips

Core industries operates one of the world’s largest bulk woodchip handling facilities for customers manufacturing pulp, paper and medium density fiberboard. In September 2018 a Yildiz Entegre woodchip vessel arrived at Theodore Industrial Port for the loading of southern yellow pine woodchips. The loading process involves large rubber tired and track dozers pushing the woodchips from storage piles into reclaim pits that transfers the woodchips onto belt conveyors and then to a traveling shiploader. The woodchips then flow through a telescoping chute which is positioned inside the vessels hold and finally onto a belt jet slinger which stows and compacts the woodchips in the woodchip carriers hold. Core loaded approximately 48,000 short tons of woodchips onto the carrier. The vessel was at port for two days before transporting the woodchips to Turkey. Core has vast knowledge in the woodchip industry which allowed them to get the job finished quickly and successfully.

Technip- Constellation Project

In January 2018 Core received 6 umbilical reels that were unloaded and stored onto Core’s dockside long term storage. In August 2018 Core loaded the umbilical reels onto a barge that were transpooled to Technip’s vessel, the Deep Blue. This was part of Anadarko’s Constellation Project located in the Gulf of Mexico. Once the reels were transpooled, the barges returned to dock where Core then unloaded the empty reels and loaded them out onto a vessel to return to France. Core Industries long term storage facilities and heavy lift capabilities made it ideal to complete this project.

PLS International

PLS International, a division of Port Blakely, supplies responsibly-sourced logs from the Pacific Northwest and the U.S. Southeast to destinations worldwide. PLS International purchases logs from Northern California to British Columbia on the west coast and throughout the U.S. Southeast for export to Japan, South Korea, China, and India. In April 2018 they hired Core industries to receive and load out southern yellow pine logs on a vessel bound for overseas market. Core constructed the plan in which they used a material handler to unload, tally and stockpile the logs and then load out the logs onto a vessel traveling to Nanao, Japan carrying 4783 tons of timber. Due to CORE’s experience in wood and exporting, Core was the perfect fit for this project.