Heavy Lift Flexible Reels

Using its’ 600-ton heavy lift crane, Core loaded the M/V LADY IRENA with eight flexible reels for return to Le Trait, France for repurposing. Core crews provided stevedoring and welding services to prepare the reels for transport.

Offloading Woodchips

Core used a ship loader to load 9,374 tons of Pine woodchips onboard the M/V CENTURY BRIGHT. The chips arrived at Core Industries on truck. This is the third vessel of Pine woodchips that Core has loaded for Georgia Exports Company. Core has received more than 936 trucks of woodchips, using Core’s truck dump system […]

Offloading Imerys Mineral’s Ball Clay

Core loaded 23,847 tons of Imerys Minerals’ Ball Clay on the M/V ALMA. Using two vessel cranes simultaneously, Core loaded from warehouse to vessel and from barge to vessel. Core Industries can handle all types of bulk material.

TFMC Barge Reel Offload

Core offloaded two 5.5 m Reels from barge to dock and then to long-term storage. Core Industries provides quick turn around and storage solutions to customers worldwide.

Container Storage Update

Core Industries has handled over 22,000 containers since late 2021. Over 11,000 containers have been received and over 11,000 have been shipped out. Not only was Core able to develop container storage yards in a quick time span, we were able to purchase multiple reach stackers and create a container inventory system to meet our […]

Mobile Pulley Works Ladder and A-Frame

Core handled a dredge ladder and A-frame for Mobile Pulley Works. Core offloaded equipment from trucks and specialized transporters, provided storage, provided space to assemble the pieces, provided welding services and provided its’ heavy lift crane to load the assembled 331-ton piece from dock to barge.

Offloading Perlite: M/V AC AMITY

Core offloaded 8,760 tons of Perlite off the M/V AC AMITY utilizing Core grabs and vessel cranes. The Imerys Minerals product was loaded directly to truck and transported to warehouse for storage and subsequent delivery to customers. Core Industries has the ability to efficiently offload and store all types of bulk material.

Seven Vega Demobilization

Core discharged project cargo from Chevron’s Jack/St. Malo deep water project from the SEVEN VEGA. Core provided rigging for the vessel’s crane, moving all equipment used offshore to storage and load out to trucks. The Jack/St. Malo deep water project is in the Gulf of Mexico. Core Industries has served as a base of operations […]

Seven Artic – Heavy Lift

Core used its 600-ton heavy lift crane to discharge four flexible empty reels from the SEVEN ARTIC to long-term storage. The reels were used in BP’s Mad Dog II project in the Gulf of Mexico. On the same visit, Core assisted the SEVEN ARTIC to prepare for the Shell Vito Project. Shell’s Vito deep water […]

Offloading Pipe: Harvey Energy

The Offshore Vessel (OSV) HARVEY ENERGY discharged the Shell Auger deepwater platform for a complete refurbishment at Core Industries. Over a two-month period, Core completely disassembled, cleaned, serviced and prepped the riser for load out before sending it back to the rig on time.