Clinker Vessel - M/V Western Fuji

In May 2021 the M/V Western Fuji delivered 18,000 metric tons of Clinker to Core to discharge. Using the vessels cranes and Core’s grabs, the clinker was discharged directly to barge for shipping up the Tennessee Tombigbee Waterway . Core provided the stevedoring and berthing for this cargo transfer to barge.

Core has been discharging bulk cargo for various clients across different industries for over 30 years.

Subsea 7 – Tucker Candies – 2 - Suction Piles

In April 2021, Tucker Candies arrived at Core Industries to load two suction piles that were to be delivered to the installation vessel for the Mad Dog Campaign in the Gulf of Mexico. Core prepared and staged the suction piles dockside. Core used it’s 660-ton heavy lift crane to load the piles onto the Tucker Candies.

TechnipFMC – HLV – Load out Equipment

The BBC Vesuvius was chosen to ship 4 used reels back to France for re-use along with two-reel drive systems from the Deep Star that needed refurbishment. Core was commissioned to remove this equipment from the Deep Star, prior to leaving America for Norway, to go on dry dock. The equipment then needed modifications and was stored for a short period until loaded back onto a heavy Lift vessel. Core’s heavy lift and dockside storage capabilities allow us to work with various clients across all industries.

Mobile Pulley Works - Spud Lift

Mobile Pulley Works commissioned Core to lift a spud that was needing to be positioned upward and installed in a dredge they were mobilizing to work in Mobile Bay. Core used their heavy lift crane to lift and install the approximately 100-ton spud.

Offloading Clinker

In January 2021, Core discharged 22,000 metric tons of Clinker from ship to barges. This product was barged up river for cement manufacturing. The offloading of Clinker took approximately 3 days to complete.

Copper Slag Offload

In November 2020 Core Industries discharged approximately 42,000 metric tons of copper slag. The copper slag was discharged into hoppers, loaded into trucks and delivered to Core’s Client. This project was completed in 4 days. Core Industries ability to handle bulk material allows to complete the job efficiently and economically for every client.

Technip- Barracuda: Unloading/loading 4 reels

Early October 2020 four Barracuda reels arrived on a heavy lift vessel a few weeks before Technip’s Deep Star was scheduled to receive them on their deck for deployment in Trinidad. We offloaded the four reels (345mt, 345 mt, 336 mt, 290mt weights) loaded with flexibles and another 100 project packages and crates from the SAIMAAGRACHT and put them in temporary storage. The reels were loaded onto the Deep Star mid-October. The project was completed successfully using Core’s heavy lift and dock storage capacity.

MWCC- Replacing Dunnage

Core manufactured new concrete mats to be placed under four reels in the MWCC dock storage area. When the matts were prepared, Core used the H/L crane to walk the four 200 ton reels with flexibles to temporary storage. We removed the old dunnage and replaced it with new concrete ones. Core then lifted and walked the four reels back into the long term storage area and placed them on the new concrete mats.

MWCC: Receiving two subsea cooling modules

Marine Well Containment Company (MWCC) is responsible for the maintenance, deployment and operation of the Containment System during a response to a deepwater well control incident in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico. MWCC utilizes the facilities and services of Technip USA and Core Industries to store, maintain and test the equipment in Mobile, Alabama.

In September 2020 MWCC expanded their well containment system with the addition of two subsea cooling modules that will rest on the seabed in the petroleum flow line. This will provide cooling for some of the extremely high temperatures that some of the newest wells are seeing in the production lines. This equipment was manufactured in Texas and brought to their Surf location at Core for storage and maintenance. It was Cores responsibility to safely offload the two cooling modules (170,000 lbs. each) and their Mud matts (110,000 lbs. each), then integrate these pairs into storage positions in the MWCC Dock Area at Core Industries.

Mad Dog 2: Loading out 12 Suction Piles

In August 2020 Core loaded out 12 of the Holdback and Mooring Suction Piles that were brought to Core in July 2020. Core first installed the vertical and horizontal lift rigging. Then made preparations to the piles such as, opening valves and installing deployment tools onto them. Our 660-ton crane lifted the piles, adjusted the cradles, walked them to the vessel from storage, and loaded them into their sea fastening hardware. The suction piles would travel to the installation vessel at the Mad Dog 2 Platform in the Gulf of Mexico. This project was made successful from a global participation and Core Industries is grateful to play a part in it.