December 2019: Sider Jasmine

Sider Jasmine arrived at Core Industries private port facility in December 2019 delivering 7 suction piles for the Mad Dog 2 project. Core offloaded and stored the suction piles. The suction piles will be picked up at a later date. Core’s storage capabilities and proximity to the Gulf of Mexico allows us to assist in many projects for various clients.

SPI/Mobile Pulley Works: A-Frame Loadout

After a successful dredge ladder loadout in early November 2019, SPI/Mobile Pulley Works contracted Core to utilize and load out an A-frame onto a barge for delivery to their client. Berard transported three A-frame parts from SPI/Mobile Pulley Works to Core’s private port facility. Core worked alongside, providing crane services and other critical assistance, MPW to utilize a 100’ X 100’ area on the main dock to assemble the three pieces of the A-frame. The two leg pieces weighed approximately 53,000 lbs each with the main A-frame cross member piece weighing approximately 132,000 lbs. Core assisted with resources to stage and turn the three pieces into position for assembly and then provided load out the final completed unit onto a barge.

SPI/Mobile Pulley Works: Dredge Ladder Loadout

In November 2019 SPI/Mobile Pulley Works utilized Core Industries private port facilities to load out a dredge ladder and other associated pieces weighing in excess of 300 tons. Berard transported the dredge ladder approximately 3 miles from the SPI facility to Core Industries in Theodore, AL. Once the ladder was received at the port, it was lifted onto a barge using Core’s 660-ton heavy lift crane.

September 2019: Shell Mars A TLP Drilling Riser Load Out

Shell awarded a contract to Core Fabrication, LLC (Core) to refurbish and load out the drilling riser string dedicated for the Mars A Tension Leg Platform located in the Gulf of Mexico. Core’s scope of work included OD and ID cleaning, inspection of seal surfaces and buoyancy modules, application of rust preventative on the ID and flange faces, repositioning of the nut on the tension joint, inspection of all hardware, inspection of slings and shackles and to ensure load test certificates for all hoisting equipment is current.

August 2019: Saipem Constellation

Saipem was awarded a contract by ExxonMobil to install pipelines on the Liza project located in Guyana. Saipem planned to use their pipe laying and heavy lift vessel the Constellation for this project and they needed a dockside facility with a deep draft with cranes and space for storage of equipment. Saipem awarded the Constellation mob & de-mob contract to Core Industries, Inc. (Core). Core’s phase 1 scope of work included receiving the Constellation vessel at our dock, facilitating transport of four 832 MT reels using Self Propelled Modular Transport (SPMT) systems from the dock to the storage area, assisting in offloading associated equipment such as the spreader bar, transverse skid, longitudinal skid and the top module with each equipment weighing approximately 150T. Phase 1 also included providing assistance to Saipem to transpool the flexible pipe form a barge stationed alongside onto the Constellation. The scope of work for Phase 2 included facilitating transport of the four reels from the storage area to the dock for loading onto the vessel and loading of all the associated equipment

Subsea 7: Seven Pacific- BP Ariel Mobilization

In August 2019, Core Industries offloaded and loaded umbilical reels to Subsea Seven’s vessel the Seven Pacific. Along with the reels, other oilfield equipment was loaded for Subsea Seven to perform work for BP in the Ariel field. Core Industries was happy to assist Subsea Seven in mobilization and demobilization for this project. Core’s proximity to the Gulf of Mexico allows us to assist with various GOM oilfield related projects for many different clients.

Unloading Perlite July 2019

Imery’s Minerals, formerly known as S&B Minerals, utilized Core Industries to offload 9,000 tons of perlite. The perlite was offloaded from the cargo vessel utilizing ships cranes into hoppers and for transport by trucks. The trucks delivered the perlite to an indoor storage facility at Core Industries. The perlite will later be delivered to the end user. Core Industries has the ability to efficiently offload and store all types of bulk material.

Unloading and load out of 400+ pipe joints: Technip

In June 2019 Core Industries unloaded 400+ pipe joints from ship for Technip. The pipe joints were unloaded utilizing Core’s shore cranes and then transported to a staging area with forklifts. The pipe joints were then loaded onto trucks for transport, - to Technip for welding. The offloading process and the loadout onto trucks took four days to complete.

Fieldwood Lift: Reel Loadout

In June 2019 Core Industries loaded out a reel onto a barge that was being delivered to Oceaneering. The reel had previously been kept and stored at Core Industries since 2014. The reel weighed 160 tons. Core industries storage capabilities include long/short term, indoor/outdoor, custom, and Foreign Trade Zone storage options for all kinds of cargo and clients in various industries.

Copper Slag Discharge: March 2019

In early March 2019 Core Industries discharged 20,000 tons of copper slag from the bulk carrier MV Victoria T. The slag was discharged into hoppers, loaded into trucks and delivered to Core’s Client. This project was completed in 2 ½ days. Core Industries ability to handle bulk material allows them to complete the job efficiently and economically for every client.