Receipt and Storage of Holdback and Mooring Piles

In July 2020 Core received 15 Holdback and Mooring Suction Piles. This scope of work included unloading the piles from a vessel and moving them into our dock storage space. The pile weights were from 110 MTs to 252 MTs each. Some of the suction piles had to be twin crane lifted to storage. Core is currently supporting the 3D survey of each piles dimensions on our dock. Core will install the deployment rigging onto these piles and load them out for installation in the first week of August for the Mad Dog 2 Platform installation in the Gulf of Mexico. Core’s storage and heavy lift abilities allow us to support and assist subsea and offshore projects.

Talos Umbilical Reel

In June 2020 Core Industries offloaded a 350 Metric Ton reel from a Derrick Barge and staged it in our dock storage area. Core loaded the reel onto the Seven Pacific for installation Subsea.  We then unloaded the empty reel from the Seven Pacific. We will load the empty reel onto a barge for return to the Umbilical supplier’s facility. Core provided all necessary equipment and manpower to complete this job.

Shell- Princess Flexible Reels

Core offloaded reels from a vessel using the 850 T Heavy Lift Crane and staged them on the dock. The scope of work included removing the packing from the end terminations and installing new lubricants, seals, orings and Handling Heads on each.

The Handling Heads provide a means for the Flexible Pipes to be lifted by the ends and lowered into the ocean floor for connection to the submersed flow lines that will deliver the Crude from the seafloor to the surface platform. This scope of work is the final process of readiness for the flexible reels to be installed Subsea. At a later date, Core will load these reels onto another vessel for installation.

Suction Pile Loadout: February 2020

In February 2020 Core loaded out one (110 ton) suction pile to the Harvey Provider for Subsea Seven. The suction pile had been in storage since late December along with 6 more. Core will approximately have 22 piles stored at our dock before this project is complete.

Saipem Constellation: Loading Reels

January 2020 Saipem Constellation vessel arrived at Core Industries to retrieve the four (917 ton) reels and one (175 ton) top module from our storage yard. The reels and top module were previously brought in August 2019. SPMT’s (Self Propelled Mobile Transporters) were used to move the reels from their POR (place of rest) and the vessels crane was used to load them on board. Core’s heavy lift transportation and storage capabilities allowed for this to be completed successfully.

December 2019: Sider Jasmine

Sider Jasmine arrived at Core Industries private port facility in December 2019 delivering 7 suction piles for the Mad Dog 2 project. Core offloaded and stored the suction piles. The suction piles will be picked up at a later date. Core’s storage capabilities and proximity to the Gulf of Mexico allows us to assist in many projects for various clients.

SPI/Mobile Pulley Works: Dredge Ladder Loadout

In November 2019 SPI/Mobile Pulley Works utilized Core Industries private port facilities to load out a dredge ladder and other associated pieces weighing in excess of 300 tons. Berard transported the dredge ladder approximately 3 miles from the SPI facility to Core Industries in Theodore, AL. Once the ladder was received at the port, it was lifted onto a barge using Core’s 660-ton heavy lift crane.

October 2019: SS7 Borealis

Early October 2019 the Borealis, a Subsea Seven vessel, came to port to offload miscellaneous project equipment. The Borealis was demobilizing from the Enbridge Vito job they had just performed in the Gulf of Mexico. Core is happy to assist on various projects performed in the GOM.

Subsea Seven: September 2019

In September 2019, Subsea Seven Vessel the Pacific arrived at Core Industries for mobilization and demobilization. The Pacific had been out working in the Gulf of Mexico for multiple projects for Enbridge, Hess, Murphy, and BP. The vessel will arrive several more times throughout the year while continuing work on these various projects

Subsea 7: Seven Pacific- BP Ariel Mobilization

In August 2019, Core Industries offloaded and loaded umbilical reels to Subsea Seven’s vessel the Seven Pacific. Along with the reels, other oilfield equipment was loaded for Subsea Seven to perform work for BP in the Ariel field. Core Industries was happy to assist Subsea Seven in mobilization and demobilization for this project. Core’s proximity to the Gulf of Mexico allows us to assist with various GOM oilfield related projects for many different clients.