MWCC Reel Tran-spooling: March 2019

Marine Well Containment Company (MWCC) is responsible for the maintenance, deployment and operation of the Containment System during a response to a deepwater well control incident in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico. MWCC utilizes the facilities and services of Technip USA and Core Industries to store, maintain and test the equipment in Mobile, Alabama. The selection of Mobile for its SURF shore base allowed MWCC to tap into the skilled and industry-experienced workforce of Alabama to achieve its mission to be continuously ready to respond to a deep-water well control incident in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico. In March 2019 Technip and Core Industries worked together to trans-spool a MWCC 7” ID flexible flow line. The pre work for trans-spooling began the week of February 25th, the mobilization began the week of March 4th and finally the trans-spooling activities began the week of March 11. The trans-spooling took a week to complete and the activities included; 1. Mobilizing an empty 11.4 Meter Dia. Empty reel from the Warehouse Storage yard to the dock storage area utilizing a 350 Ton mobile crane and an SPMT. 2. Mobilizing and setting up 2- 250 Ton Reel Drive Winches that MWCC owns and a 250 Ton Underoller that were provided from TechnipFMC. 3. Lifting the 200 Ton Reel and Flexible to the Underoller using Core’s 660 Ton Heavy Lift Crane. 4. Spooling the Flexible onto the Empty 11.4M reel while inspection took place. 5. Lifting the flexible now loaded on the 11.4M reel back into the dock storage area and filling the flexible with Nitrogen to preserve the ID and Annulus. 6. Lifting the empty 9.6M reel back into the dock storage area. 7. Demobilizing the Reel Drive winches and underollers. 8. Installing new Storage Tarps on both reels and reinstalling the storage tarps on the Reel Drive Winches.