Shell Mars A-Tension Leg Platform

Earlier this month, Core Fabrication, LLC (Core) successfully executed two projects for Shell Offshore, Inc. for the Mars A-Tension Leg Platform (TLP).  The Top Tensioned Riser (TTR) for slot A-10 on the Mars A TLP was refurbished at Core to extend the life of the TTR string.  Refurbishment and life extension of a TTR string involves several services to meet Shell’s stringent requirements. While working on the refurbishment of the Mars A-10 TTR string, Core received the OSV HOS CLAYMORE at the dock to offload the Mars A Drilling Riser (DR) string.  Once offloading of the DR string was completed, the Mars A-10 TTR string in bolster frames was loaded onto the same offshore vessel. The Mars A DR string will be refurbished over the next few months and be made ready for offshore deployment. Executing two riser projects simultaneously highlights Core’s capabilities in the areas of offshore vessel berthing, space at the dock to accommodate two riser strings, multiple cranes, project teams and project managers dedicated to each project, inventory management, and the ability to coordinate onshore preparatory activities with the offshore needs of the Mars A TLP.