Siemens: Long Term Storing of Power Generation Systems A45 Units

In December 2018 Siemens contracted Core Industries to receive and store 4 Power Generation Systems (PGS). Fracht was the logistic company hired to transport the equipment to Core Industries private port facilities. The PGS arrived in late December 2018. One PGS consists of 3 trailers and associated crates of equipment. There were 12 trailers total for the 4 PGS along with many assorted crates and modular pieces which were brought to the port to be stored. Core industries used various pieces of lifting equipment to receive, move and locate the cargo to long term storage. The equipment will be picked up at a later date by truck or ship, depending on Siemens eventual client location. Core Industries vast storage areas, favorable tax status for interim storage of equipment, proximity to the Gulf of Mexico and expertise in handling large and heavy equipment made this project successful. We look forward to working and storing more equipment for Siemens in the future.