Yildiz Entegre: Yellow Pine Woodchips

Core industries operates one of the world’s largest bulk woodchip handling facilities for customers manufacturing pulp, paper and medium density fiberboard. In September 2018 a Yildiz Entegre woodchip vessel arrived at Theodore Industrial Port for the loading of southern yellow pine woodchips. The loading process involves large rubber tired and track dozers pushing the woodchips from storage piles into reclaim pits that transfers the woodchips onto belt conveyors and then to a traveling shiploader. The woodchips then flow through a telescoping chute which is positioned inside the vessels hold and finally onto a belt jet slinger which stows and compacts the woodchips in the woodchip carriers hold. Core loaded approximately 48,000 short tons of woodchips onto the carrier. The vessel was at port for two days before transporting the woodchips to Turkey. Core has vast knowledge in the woodchip industry which allowed them to get the job finished quickly and successfully.