Loading Drilling Riser

Core Industries recently loaded 775 tons of outer drilling riser (ODR) onto the M/V JOSHUA CANDIES. After arriving to the Core dock from the Shell Olympus platform in the Gulf of Mexico, the risers underwent buoyancy module repairs, cleaning and refurbishment. The risers were transported back to the Shell Olympus platform. Core’s 300-ton Liebherr crane […]

SEVEN ARTIC: Reel Loading

The SEVEN ARTIC recently loaded an 80 ton reel with umbilical to mobilize for the TALOS project in the Gulf Of Mexico.  Core Industries stored the reel and staged it alongside the vessel for loading. Prior to the reel loading, Core personnel demobilized the Chevron Anchor project equipment from the vessel and provided dockside support […]

Shell Mars A-Tension Leg Platform

Earlier this month, Core Fabrication, LLC (Core) successfully executed two projects for Shell Offshore, Inc. for the Mars A-Tension Leg Platform (TLP).  The Top Tensioned Riser (TTR) for slot A-10 on the Mars A TLP was refurbished at Core to extend the life of the TTR string.  Refurbishment and life extension of a TTR string […]

Shell Auger Drilling Riser

Using its 300 ton Liebherr crane, Core Industries recently discharged Shell Auger Drilling Riser joints, baskets and running equipment from the M/V BLIZZARD. The Shell Auger components will be cleaned, have buoyancy modules repaired, thrust collar work and other maintenance performed. The Shell Auger Drilling Riser is located 214 miles southwest of New Orleans, La. […]

Shell URSA Drilling Riser

Core Industries recently loaded pipe for the URSA Drilling Riser onto the M/V DEER ISLAND.  In addition to  installing fairings and buoyancy modules on the pipe, Core cleaned and prepped the pipe for load out. The URSA Drilling Riser is located 130 miles southeast of New Orleans, La. Core’s shore-based service experience and proximity to […]

Offloading Pipe: Shell

In November 2022,  the M/V NICKI CANDIES, arrived at Core Industries to offload Top Tension Riser pipe from the Mars Oil and Gas Field Project. Core supplied bolster frames and rigging to Shell for loading and transporting the pipe to the Core dock. Using the 275-ton Terex crane,  the pipe was offloaded and stored where […]

September 2019: Shell Mars A TLP Drilling Riser Load Out

Shell awarded a contract to Core Fabrication, LLC (Core) to refurbish and load out the drilling riser string dedicated for the Mars A Tension Leg Platform located in the Gulf of Mexico. Core’s scope of work included OD and ID cleaning, inspection of seal surfaces and buoyancy modules, application of rust preventative on the ID […]

June 2019: Mc Dermott Gooseneck Frame Fabrication

Mc Dermott was awarded a contract by Shell to install umbilicals and pipelines on the Frio subsea project located in the Gulf of Mexico. Core Fabrication, LLC (Core) was in turn awarded a contract by Mc Dermott to provide a gooseneck frame for the Frio project. The gooseneck frame is a structural component weighing approximately […]

Shell Drilling Riser Loadout: January 2019

In January 2019 Core industries loaded out drilling risers onto an OSV (Offshore Supply Vessel) for Shell Oil. Core industries performed maintenance and refurbished the drilling risers and then provided storage for approximately 6 months. Work performed included, the refurbished and buoyance module repair, ID cleaning, OD cleaning, application of preservation and various other hardware […]

Shell Offshore Inc. Loadout: Shell Stones

Shell Offshore Inc’s (Shell), Stones project is the world’s deepest oil and gas project, operating in around 2,900 metres (9,500 feet) of water in an ultra-deep area of the US Gulf of Mexico. The project started production in September 2016 from a floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) facility called the Turritella. The Turritella FPSO […]