September 2019: Shell Mars A TLP Drilling Riser Load Out

Shell awarded a contract to Core Fabrication, LLC (Core) to refurbish and load out the drilling riser string dedicated for the Mars A Tension Leg Platform located in the Gulf of Mexico. Core’s scope of work included OD and ID cleaning, inspection of seal surfaces and buoyancy modules, application of rust preventative on the ID and flange faces, repositioning of the nut on the tension joint, inspection of all hardware, inspection of slings and shackles and to ensure load test certificates for all hoisting equipment is current.

June 2019: Mc Dermott Gooseneck Frame Fabrication

Mc Dermott was awarded a contract by Shell to install umbilicals and pipelines on the Frio subsea project located in the Gulf of Mexico. Core Fabrication, LLC (Core) was in turn awarded a contract by Mc Dermott to provide a gooseneck frame for the Frio project. The gooseneck frame is a structural component weighing approximately 12,500 lbs and is located on the vessel to enable installation of subsea umbilicals and flowlines. Core’s scope of work on this project included qualifying welders, welding procedures, supply of steel, ensuring traceability of materials, fabrication, NDE and putting together a detailed documentation package.

Shell Drilling Riser Loadout: January 2019

In January 2019 Core industries loaded out drilling risers onto an OSV (Offshore Supply Vessel) for Shell Oil. Core industries performed maintenance and refurbished the drilling risers and then provided storage for approximately 6 months. Work performed included, the refurbished and buoyance module repair, ID cleaning, OD cleaning, application of preservation and various other hardware modifications. When it was time for the loadout, the drilling risers were staged in running order and loaded out onto the OSV. It took approximately 6 hours to load the drilling risers and 2 ½ hours for sea fastening. The drilling risers are expected back at Core Industries in June for another round of refurbishment.

Shell Offshore Inc. Loadout: Shell Stones

Shell Offshore Inc’s (Shell), Stones project is the world’s deepest oil and gas project, operating in around 2,900 metres (9,500 feet) of water in an ultra-deep area of the US Gulf of Mexico. The project started production in September 2016 from a floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) facility called the Turritella. The Turritella FPSO connects to subsea infrastructure which produces oil and gas from reservoirs nearly 30,000 feet below sea level.

In April 2018 Shell Offshore Inc offloaded several surface and subsea items components for the Stones FPSO project from a customer supplied vessel and place into storage near the dockside and into CORE facilities indoor storage facilities. In late September 2018, after the onshore scope of work was completed at Core’s dockside, it was time to load out the ALM/PD and the VFD onto barges. Prior to load out, an extensive and thorough review was conducted of all safety aspects including risk assessments, verification of qualification and certification of personnel, equipment readiness including Core’s 660 T crane, spreader bars, slings and shackles. The ALM/PD and the VFD each weighed approximately 300T. After load out to barge, sea fastening was completed, final documents were signed off by the surveyors before sail away.

Successful execution of the Shell Stones project highlighted several critical aspects – upfront project planning and execution, documentation, inventory management, offloading and staging, structural fabrication and welding, FAT/SIT testing, lift test and load out.

Shell Offshore Inc.

Shell Offshore Inc. hired Core Fabrication in April 2018 to offload several surface and subsea components for the Stones FPSO project from a customer supplied vessel and place into storage near the dockside and into Core’s indoor storage facilities. Those components included a PD (Pancake Deck) shipped from Louisiana, subsea ALM (Artificial Lift Module), and a surface VFD (Variable Frequency Drive), and a BF-HPU (Barrier Fluid Hydraulic Power Units) shipped from Norway. After the offloading operation was completed, Core then performed assembly, welding, integration, NDE, coating, modifications, and lift testing of the equipment. The components weighed up to 330T.