Decommissioning of Hero Demolition’s Safe Britannia

In July 2016, Hero Demolition Corporation hired Core for our deepwater port facility as well as operational capacity to execute a project involving their accommodation semisubmersible, the Safe Britannia. They docked the rig at our private port facility to remove and scrap the underwater thrusters, lowering the overall weight of the rig for total decommissioning at another facility with shallower water depth.

The Safe Britannia had an overall underwater depth of 40 feet, nine of which were made up of the thrusters. Core first procured specialized underwater welding services to remove the anchor guards from the thrusters, which were then scrapped. The thrusters were later removed from the rig, unloaded and stored at Core until a buyer was found. Core’s team for this project included welders, riggers, crane operators and other staff to plan and execute the work.