Woodchip Handling for Yildiz Entegre

Since March 2016, Core has provided ongoing cargo handling support to Yildiz Entegre USA, a global leader in the manufacturing of forestry products. Yildiz was seeking to source pine woodchips in the Southeast for use in making medium density fiberboard, and after finding that supply, they needed to engineer an efficient and economical means of shipping that supply to Turkey, their homebase.

Our facility is one of the leading woodchip handling operations in the world based on storage capacity and vessel loading speed. We are equipped to receive woodchips by both barge and truck. For this particular project, we receive woodchips five days per week at up to 100 trucks per day, or approximately 2,800 short tons, which are dumped and conveyed into stockpiles on storage pads. Our shiploader has the longest jet slinger ever built to distribute chips in vessel holds in order to achieve the best compaction factor. Employing these methods for receiving, storing and loading, we are able to facilitate shipping of several hundred thousand metric tons of woodchips per year for Yildiz. Our facility is currently equipped to handle in excess of 2 million tons per year.  

Yildiz dispatches a ship to Theodore Industrial Port approximately once a month to be loaded. We load approximately 44,000 metric tons each ship loading. Our facility has an automated system whereby we push the woodchips into chain reclaimers that then transfer the chips onto belt conveyors. These conveyors then transport the woodchips to a traveling shiploader that delivers the chips into the vessel holds.